Internship Opportunies

Inner-City Movement is a Philadelphia-based non-denomination 501(c)(3) non-profit ministry that exists to offer the gospel of Jesus Christ to individuals by way of arts. We seek to facilitate change by assisting individuals to come to comprehend the truths of the Bible.

After years of working with youth, we have discovered that God has given fathers the responsibility and privilege of taking the lead role in offering the gospel of Jesus Christ and the truths of the Bible to their children. To this end, we have created a resource called ActorsBible to help men disciple their families through role-playing.

With ActorsBible, the entire Bible is retold in one flowing story and ready for dramatic reenactment through a teleprompter script, music with sing-along lyrics, and 360 ĚŠ visuals of the Holy Lands as beautiful virtual backdrops showing participants the exact locations these accounts took place. At the end of each enactment, participants are asked discovery character questions and asked to make obedience commitments to apply the story to their lives. ActorsBible is loaded with 62 Acts and 806 chronological Scenes and is complete for use with any device that supports modern web browsers.

We are pleased to be offering the following opportunities to interns who can play a role in development of this powerful resource, all while growing in their giftings. We are seeking both remote and on-site assistance, ranging from unpaid part-time to unpaid full-time work.

Theatre Administration
House Management assistance like greeting, ushering, hosting, concession foods, ticket sales, answering phones, acting, assisting families doing enactments, pulling costumes and props for guests, putting away costumes and props.
Social Media Manager
Strong knowledge or willingness to learn, in Photoshop, and all social media platforms. Developing strategies to increase followers, creating and overseeing social campaigns, producing content, and reviewing analytics.
Fundraising Development
Develop friends of the ministry that will support in action, prayer, and financial support. Write thank-you notes, give calls of thanks, write grants, find sponsorships, and build strategic kingdom partnerships.
Be a part of scenes and shows done at the theatre and on tour. Be a part of set up/tear down. Help other less knowledgeable actors with coaching and encouragement. Help other actors with costumes and props.
360° Photo Manager
Attention to detail required in the naming and organizing of the ever growing digital database of 360° biblical site images (currently 500) and attaching them to corresponding scenes in ActorsBible.
Prop Master
Designing, sewing, making props that help bring the Bible stories to life. Intern can specialize in one area: Sewing, woodworking, research/buying, finding/soliciting donations of in-kind items.
Sponsorship & Advertising Assistant
Work with leadership to research, contact, and deliver set ads and recognitions on the website, social media, LED sign. Requires a strong background in sales and marketing.
360° Photoshop Editor
Creation of layers & masks from the original 360° photo for movement in the sky, water, trees & bushes, and for the removal of any modernizations in the photo.
Unity VR Developer
Work on building the Unity 3D Virtual Reality side of the platform which allows users to configure multiple projectors or screens for an immersive experience using C#.
Web Developer
Front & Back End Development with knowledge of, or strong desire to learn nodeJS, ExpressJS, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, mongoDB, jQuery, and more
US Tour Manager
Facilitate conversations and bookings with interested churches, conferences, workshops, outreach opportunities across the US. Maintain the Tour calendar.
Mobile App Developer
Developers knowledgable in Kotlin/Java, Android, and iOS are needed to get ActorsBible deployed to the Google Play Store and iOS App store
eCommerce Manager
Help manage costume and props inventory on AB, including care and organization of items at theatre site, packaging, shipping, etc.
Assistant Director
Give a big picture of the show, hold rehearsals, give blocking, coach in acting, assign costumes, props and show day leadership
Israel Tour Manager
Promote, manage, organize ActorsBible Holy Land Tours for families to role-play their way through the lands of the Bible.
Content Quality Assurance
Examine each scene ensuring that both music cues and correct Bible location visuals execute at the right time.
Capture families role-playing the scriptures at the theatre and on tour through photography and videography.
Media Content Engineer
Capture families role-playing the scriptures at the theatre and on tour through photography and videography.
Be a part of organizing the ActorsBible script to be translated into the top 7 languages.
Biography Copywriter
Create Biblically accurate biographies for 1100 characters.
Voice Actor
Record with other actors the 833 Scenes of ActorsBible.
Learn what it takes to run a non-profit organization.