Moses The Musical

Moses The Musical
$15.00 / person
A 90 Minute experience
March 30, 2024
5:00 PM - 6:30 PM EDT
Theatre 7000 Dome Theatre
7000 Terminal Square
Upper Darby, Pa 19082
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 March 30, 2024 - March 30, 2024

Prepare yourself for a great EXODUS!

At an incredible encounter with the living God, Moses is instructed to implore Pharaoh to release the children of Israel from slavery in Egypt. But when met with defiance, only signs and wonders provide their deliverance.

With a promise of a homeland for the nation, they set out, but are met with huge obstacles; the Red Sea, and an enraged army en route! Who will deliver them now?

Moses the Musical is presented by families who’ve gone through the Moses account using our ActorsBible App (the entire Bible as a Script for family role-play) for their family devotions. They will now come together to present this Spontaneous, Interactive Experience alongside you! Everyone has a part!

It's going to be Epic and Fun!