Welcome Parents & Students From Classical Conversations!

ActorsBible is a powerful app the provides everything needed to make disciples and foster a love for the Word of God. By enacting the Bible, families and groups bring the stories in scripture to life for all ages. Loaded with 62 Acts and 806 chronological Scenes. The entire Bible retold in one flowing story and ready for dramatic reenactment.

ActorsBible is the perfect tool to write the Scriptures on the hearts of young and old alike!

We are pleased to partner with Classical Conversations to bring your family ActorsBible, an incredible product that will enrichen your connection with God and The Word. Through this partnership, we are pleased to offer you a 15% discount for the lifetime of your subscription.

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Bring Your Family Devotions to Life


Epic Audio Drama

Starting with the World Messianic Bible translation we carefully edited the content to flow in first person and combined duplicated stories so that the scriptures read like a script.


360° Visuals of the Holy Land

Every scene is loaded with full 360° visuals of the locations from the stories so you will feel like you are there!


Spiritual Development

Participate in your spiritual growth with questions after every scene to help you learn more about God and your relationship with Him.


Teleprompter Script

Follow along with a moving teleprompter that triggers different exciting scenic features like sounds and visual effects.


Soundtrack & Karaoke

Listen and join in on an incredible soundtrack produced by our team.


Family Fun

Assign parts to different members of your family & write the Word of God on the hearts of young and old alike.

With a smartphone or any device that supports modern web browsers, a player can log in and choose any part of the Bible to enact. When they do this a lobby is created, other players can join the lobby with a simple link, even without needing to create a login. From there the player that started the lobby, the director, can assign parts or let individuals choose their own characters to play.

When all the players are ready to go the director can hit start and all players devices will be launched into a synchronized teleprompter that will guide them through the scripture. 360 Visuals of the Holy Lands appear as a digital backdrop on all devices. At launch other features include: songs with karaoke, an epic soundtrack, acting instructional videos, suggested props, and character bios!

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per month
Save $16.89 by subscribing annually

  • Host up to 3 concurrent presentations
  • 1 additional administrator account
  • Up to 7 actors concurrently connected to your lobbies
  • The whole Bible in script format on final release
  • 360 Visuals of the Holy Lands
  • Character biographies
  • Scene location and date
  • Synced Teleprompter on every participants device
  • Original musical song in every scene with karaoke
  • Original soundtrack score in each scene with environmental sound effects
  • Live triggering of any effect or item
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