The Myers family partners with others such as local congregations, men's ministries, and Bible study groups. 

You can choose for your event: App Demo and Training, Fathers Leading Training, 21 Day Family Meeting Challenge, and Evangelistic Show. The full experience comprises both the Fathers Revolution 21-Day Family Meeting Challenge and The ACTORSBIBLE Live Show. The Myers conduct the 21 day training on Zoom and then arrive on site in their RV to facilitate the week of rehearsals and an evangelistic show.

Remote activities

  • It all begins with a group vision casting meeting on ZOOM for dads which emphasizes the importance of him playing his role by leading his family in consistent Bible time.
  • Fathers then lead their families in a 21-Day Family Meeting Challenge at home by enacting one scene a day consecutively using the ACTORSBIBLE App
    • 21 stories which show God's Redemptive Plan from Genesis to Revelation.

On-site activities

  • Families then come together for four rehearsals preparing them to present all 21 Scenes they enacted at home for a powerful outreach show to their community.  
  • Each father then invites another dad to join The Fathers Revolution by the show date and maintains consistent ACTORSBIBLE usage in their own homes.  

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