Great for home discipleship gatherings, congregration presentations, and outreaches!

Experience the power of enacting God's Word with us!

  • Pick any Bible story & cast parts
  • Put on costumes & props
  • Instant Evangelistic Show

See how easy it is to use the ActorsBible app to make disciples and to evangelize through role-play.

The Myers Family & staff will be at the following locations on these dates:

March 8-12
NRB — Nashville, TN
March 18-19
Congregration Beth Yeshua — Purim Show — Philadelphia
April 2
Theatre 7000 — Upper Darby, Pa
April 10-18
Virginia Beach / Myrtle Beach
April 20-21
D6 Conference — Orlando, FL
April 28
Classical Conversations Homeschool Convention — S. Pines, NC
May 3 - July 1
Galilee, Israel

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