Do you want to read the Bible as a family or group and don’t know where to start?

Do you want your family or group more engaged during your Bible reading times?

Do you long for a clear measurable way to make disciples?

Actors Bible

Actors Bible is a powerful app and gaming simulator in one that gives families/groups everything needed to easily enact the Bible. It includes a scripted, chronological version of the Bible, in which stories are broken up into 53 Acts and 806 Scenes. Points are collected as players complete each scene, then each act, with the goal of acting through the entire Bible. Users rank progresses from a Player, to a Disciple, to an Obedient Disciple, to a Evangelist, and eventually to a Disciple Maker!

With a smartphone, players log in and choose a scene and a character to play. Someone selects the Director role and starts the enactment by pressing play. The Script scrolls as a teleprompter and is synced on all participants devices. 360 Visuals of the Holy Lands appear as a digital backdrop if connected to a flat screen, projector, or multi-projector set-up for a 360˚ experience. Other features include: karaoke delivered songs, epic soundtrack, acting instructional videos, suggested props, character bios, and much, much, more!

Experience God’s Word come to life in a whole new way! You and your family/group will be hooked after just one try!

Subscription Options

Actors Bible (AB) is subscription based with two options LITE and FULL. AB LITE includes a user account and the full script. AB FULL includes all the media content for the digital environments, sounds, acting instructional videos, special effects, and lighting cues.

FREE TRIAL Anyone can create an account and try 5 stories for free.

  • Create a user account
  • Sample 5 select scenes
  • Create a Login, that tracks your progress with points, rank, and rewards
  • Option to order props and costumes online

BASE $9.99 /m (includes 7 licenses, viewing audience of <50)

  • The whole Bible in script format; 53 Acts 806 scenes in Chronological Order
  • Scene location and date, character biographies, suggested props and costumes
  • Create a Login, that tracks your progress with points, rank, and rewards
  • Ability to pick your story, your part, and director
  • Choose your level of difficulty
  • Find and link friends into your group/ story
  • 360 Visuals of the Holy Lands displayed on a flat screen or projector from web based media presenter (limited version of STANDARD media content)
  • Synced Teleprompter on every participants smartphone, tablet, tv, computer, or other web enabled devices
  • Ability to slow down or speed up the teleprompter based on pace of actor reading, which then controls the pace of delivery of the environmental visuals and audio changes
  • Original karaoke style songs
  • Original musical score in each scene with environmental sound effects
  • Follow along Acting Instructional Videos
  • Vibrations on smart devices right before your part
  • Discovery character questions and obedience statement at the end of each Scene
  • Ability to write in your individual blocking directions

STANDARD $19.99 /m (includes 7 licenses, viewing audience of <100)
FEATURES Everything above plus...

  • Unity Game Presenter download- giving more interactive media and 3D content to augment each scene
  • Move through the environment in real time with built in app navigation controller
  • Live triggering of any effect or item. e.g. angels, lighting, rain
  • 360 Visuals of the Holy Lands displayed on a flat screen, projector, or multi-projector set-up for a 360˚ experience on any four white walls or a dome. Map and edge blend 1-8 projectors
  • Create a Venue; to connect a sound system, displays, projectors, dmx lighting, smoke machines, and more

EXTENDED $49.99 /m (includes 25 licenses, viewing audience of <200)
FEATURES Everything above

PRO $99.99 /m (includes 50 licenses, unlimited viewing audience)
FEATURES Everything above plus...
  • Creators edition: Upload your own scripts, create environments, sounds, and special effects by dragging and dropping media onto script
  • Technical Support
  • Higher resolution, up to 2k

For higher resolutions, acess to upload 3D assets, more licenses, installations, please contact us for a quote.

For Families, Churches, Youth Groups, VBS, Missions

AB can be used in homes during family worship, or in larger groups for vacation Bible school, church services, the missions field, youth groups, and even in the underground church. The ultimate goal in the AB is for participants to read and enact the entire Bible, thus impacting biblical literacy and worldview, amount of time spent in the Word, an understanding of God’s big story in the context of each book, and growth in the knowledge of God.


“Actors Bible helps me lead my family in regular family worship several times a week, without having to reprimand my children for not sitting still. From keeping track of our progress, to the points, rewards, the songs; to the excitement, laughter and fulfillment that comes each and every time we use it. When we enact the Word we feel it changing all of us together in a deeply powerful way. We are growing closer as a family as we grow closer to God. The character and obedience questions at the end of each scene really helps us discover who God is and what He requires of us. My job of spiritually discipling my family just got so much clearer and easier. Days that I don’t do it, we feel it. My kids are now the ones begging to do family meeting. Everything that I desired to share with my kids has been put together into one amazing tool.”
— A Dad

“Doing Actors Bible is my favorite part of the day! When we pick our parts, we run and find costumes and props from around the house. Then we get to act out the Bible story. It is so much fun to do that with your family. The songs are so catchy, We get to pray together and answer questions about God and us, and how we will obey God. I like it when friends and neighbors come over and we get to do this with them too! We have so much fun!”
— A Kid

“A tool that demystifies the “how to” of Jesus’ command to go make disciples. This makes it so simple and doable!”
— A Ministry Leader

“An incredibly powerful, habit forming, life changing tool!”
— Pastor

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